17-Year-Old Married 51-Year-Old Woman: See How They Live 20 Years Later

Marriages at different ages are always controversial and attract a lot of attention. This is especially true when the wife is much older than her husband. Such a wedding with a large age difference between the spouses took place in 2000.Jay Barham, 17, married Linda, a choir teacher.

The woman was 51 at the time. The future couple met at a driving school where Linda worked as an instructor. Little did they know yet that their relationship would turn into a serious romance. The people around Jay and Linda did not accept or understand this union. Everyone was judging the woman and accusing her of seducing the man.

They started calling Linda a kidnapper behind her back, insinuating that she had managed to charm and fall in love with an inexperienced boy. Jay’s parents hoped he would recover and realize he had made a mistake by marrying a fifty-one-year-old woman. Only time will tell if the couple got married for a reason. They fell in love, but their feelings were tested by time.

Twenty years have passed since. The couple decided to devote themselves to the family business and opened a small store. They sell sweets there. They devote all their free time to the grandchildren of Linda, whose husband has seven grandchildren.







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