18-month old girl melts 1.2M hearts with her adorable request to Mommy

A bond between a mother and child is something that defies all boundaries. It’s probably the purest form of love in the world.It’s a love that is unconditional and unbreakable, even when the two individuals are separated by a big wooden door.That’s what we witnessed in a beautiful viral video that was shared on YouTube recently.The little girl, Ivy, was patiently waiting just outside the bathroom door while her mom was inside taking a shower.It wasn’t because Ivy needed to use the bathroom herself though. Why was she out there, you might wonder?It turns out, the adorable toddler was just looking to get a hug from Mom.When you’re craving a big hug, waiting for a few minutes can feel like a lifetime, especially at her age. Ivy was around

18 months old when the video was filmed.Just five months prior, she was still being wheeled around in a baby carriage and singing happy birthday to herself when it wasn’t even her birthday (it’s super cute).Now, Ivy is walking on two feet and meandering around the home.That means that Mom no longer has any way to escape. If Ivy wants a hug, she can track down her mom anywhere in the home and demand one right on the spot.Even when her mom is in the shower, Ivy will still make a request for a hug.“I want Mommy,” says Ivy in the video.She is waiting just outside the door of the bathroom, with the cutest sad eyes that we have ever seen.

It’s only been a few minutes since they last saw each other, but she is clearly in need of some Mommy time.
As soon as Mom recognizes that her loving daughter is out there, she calls out Ivy’s name. This only encourages the little girl who then begins lightly knocking on the wooden door. She isn’t really tall enough to reach the door handle and open it for herself, so knocking and waiting is her only option.Dad is waiting outside too, supervising and filming the situation.Luckily, Ivy doesn’t have to wait too long.Within moments, the door comes flying open and Mom emerges.Ivy’s eyes instantly light up at the sight of her beloved parent.

Hugging provides reassurance, comfort, and even healing to a child. Love is a big factor as well. Mom scoops Ivy up into her arms, and within seconds, her whole demeanor changes.“She literally looks like those old-fashioned Dollys whose eyes open and shut when you pick them up and put them down. GORGEOUS,” writes one YouTube commenter.It’s a beautiful sight, and apparently, pretty common too.Several other moms chimed in beneath the video in the comments section with their own stories as well. A mom going by the name Chaz Nonya had this cute anecdote to share:

“When my daughter was born she cried when I tried to take a shower. When she could walk, she made sure I never took a shower in peace. When we were finally under separate roofs (she was 23) and I took a shower I immediately called her and said ‘Guess what!?!’ She knowingly answered, ‘You took a shower in peace?’ And we both laughed.”
Moms and their daughters share a love that almost ascertains that they will be bugging each other constantly, forever and ever. When you are in need of a hug, there is always one reliable person to turn to. That person’s name is Mom.

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