‘Are You Serious’ — Mother Asks Teacher To Step Outside After Learning Of Her Circumstances

‘Are You Serious’ — Mother Asks Teacher To Step Outside After Learning Of Her Circumstances
Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. However, in many areas where schools are underfunded, teachers don’t earn enough money to always make ends meet. Many people become teachers because of the love they have for teaching and helping students, but many have to end up doing so with a personal cost as well.Courtney Adeleye, the founder and CEO of “The Mane Choice” hair care products, found out through the grapevine that her daughter’s Huntsville, Ala. teacher was struggling financially in 2018.

The teacher was forced to use public transportation, adding hours to her already jam-packed day. The parents spoke with her husband, and they came up with a solution to help.Teachers are the backbone of a nation. It may look easy from the outside, but being a teacher is not as simple as it seems. Along with dedicating yourself to college degrees that specifically train you to teach in a certain context, teachers also work hard to help their students understand their potential and achieve to the best of their capabilities.

Along with general teaching duties, they also go above and beyond for their students — often by reaching out to them and helping them in their free time. For many people, the moment their success began can be traced back to the encouragement their teachers gave them when they were young.For one teacher in Huntsville, Ala., her impact on her student went above and beyond to the point that her good deeds came back to her two-fold. When Courtney Adeleye, the CEO of hair care line “The Mane Choice,” found out that one of her daughter’s teachers was struggling financially, she decided to do something about it. The teacher had to take multiple public transport buses to and from school every morning.

This meant that the poor teacher would be exhausted from traveling even before the bell for the first period rang.Since she had the means to do so, Adeleye wanted to go big. “When my husband tells me that the teacher who has been teaching my girls for the last few years has been catching multiple buses to get to and from work every day in the hot sun and cold! He said we should give her something I said….say no more! When you ask me to define success….this is my response! (Give to those without expectations). All glory to GOD!” she said, according to Daily Mail. Getting together with her daughter, this thoughtful mom hatched a plan together that could help this wonderful teacher.

They were going to purchase their daughter’s teacher a brand new car. While they knew this was a big purchase, they felt it was the right thing to do. They went and picked out a vehicle and strapped a bright blue bow to it. They wanted to make this the best surprise possible for the teacher. Adeleye did wonder how the teacher would react. Would she be offended by the car? Nevertheless, Adeleye approached the school with the keys to the new car in hand. She was likely nervous and excited! She knew she wanted to spread her wealth to others instead of spending it on something she didn’t really need. Adeleye and her husband prepared to give this teacher the biggest surprise ever. Adeleye had her daughter there to record it all.

The teacher gushed as Adeleye handed over the keys. She broke down in tears. Adeleye had not only purchased the car, but she had paid it off completely. The teacher would not have to worry about any future payments. Her daughter’s teacher cried tears of joy and hugged Adeleye over and over. She could not believe Adeleye and her family had done this for her! She would no longer have to ride the bus or wait for a ride. She didn’t have to worry about waiting outside in the cold anymore. Speaking about the teacher, Adeleye wrote in her Instagram post, “She’s like legit the sweetest person you would ever want to meet!!! She said she never had a new car before!” In light of this information, this is an incredible gift to have!

This is not the first time that Adeleye has done something tremendous like this. She is known for her acts of generosity and kindness, according to Daily Mail. She has so far helped to pay the bills of over 150 people among her social media followers! She continues to give back to her community, partnering with MAV Beauty Brands in 2020 to launch The Generational Advantage Fund, which is focused on supporting women-owned businesses, as Forbes reports.According to Daily Mail, Adeleye began her career as a Youtube personality by documenting her journey toward healthy hair. As her work began to get recognized and her following grew, she then started using her background and education in the medical field to create hair products specifically for African American women. Her company, ”

The Mane Choice,” grew in sales over four years, with the products being sold in more than 20,000 stores across America in 2018, according to Black Enterpris.It is so amazing to see people using their success for goodness and kindness in this way. This was a life-changing event for the teacher, and we are sure that the teacher deserved this gift for the work that she does. The job of being a teacher may come with many challenges, but this teacher, who remains unnamed, has overcome them time and again to be there for her students.

Adeleye’s daughter was 11 years old at the time, and for someone so young to be able to recognize the impact her teacher has had on her is wonderful. We wish the Adeleye family the very best for all their future endeavors!Stories like this are always heartwarming to hear. Teachers truly are the backbone of the nation as they continue to help raise future generations. What do you think of Courtney Adeleye and her husband’s huge act of kindness? Let us know how the video made you feel, and be sure to share this video with your friends! It might just make their day.

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