Baby girl’s intense conversation with Daddy is hilariously adorable

Meet Eryn Fitzgerald. She is only one year old but she has taken TikTok by storm. Eryn is small and cannot fully talk yet but she has the personality of a full grown teenage girl and loves to show it off.Shannon and Martin Fitzgerald are parents to adorable one year old Eryn in Boston, Massachusetts. They are going to have their hands full with Eryn’s big personality. At one year old she is already dancing at every opportunity and babbling with serious conviction in her “words.” When she has something to say, she is going to make sure everyone is listening to her stories.

Eryn might not have her words straightened out yet but she does have her hand gestures down. She babbles with enthusiasm and major hand gestures to make her point.Eryn’s dad, Martin, is closely following along to his daughter’s intense story. He has been gone at work all day and Eryn needs to catch him up on all the day’s happenings. He prompts her along to keep telling her story of the day. He is eating up every word from his adorable daughter and she knows she has a rapt audience in her father. This little girl already has her dad wrapped around her finger.What is it going to be like when she can actually speak full words?

The story of Eryn’s day might not be understood but it involves a range of emotions.
She goes from a very serious tone to a great bit smile in a matter of a few babbles. There also seems to be moments of disbelief. Eryn cannot even believe the story she is telling at times, it must have been one rollercoaster of a day! Eryn is only one year old but she already knows how to tell a great story. The intonation of her voice is super impressive for such a young storyteller

.If you are impressed with Eryn’s storytelling, you should check out her dancing!
Eryn’s parents created an entire TikTok account to showcase Eryn’s fun and unique personality. Eryn’s parents knew their daughter deserved a stage and TikTok and YouTube has given her that stage. Their TikTok account has over six million likes and millions of views. Eryn is not only an amazing babbler storyteller but she has fun dance moves as well.Eryn is taking the world by storm by telling crazy stories and dancing through life. We should all try to be a bit more like Eryn.

Eryn’s retelling of her day completely wipes her out. She put all of her emotions into the story and when she is finished she just has to have a seat. She adorably sits down and her story is complete. Whew, what a day and what a story!“Her day was more interesting than my entire life. And she’s a good story teller,” one viewer wrote.
“Absolutely adorable how that kid already is “talking” with intonation and gestures! And kudos for dad to make her feel important by listening! Awesome parenting!” another viewer commented.

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