Grandfather tearfully invites granddaughter for a sleepover: ‘I’m not well and I miss you’

According to Bored Panda, a grandfather reached out to his granddaughter, Megan Elizabeth, and asked her to have a sleepover with him as a way to spend quality time together. Despite sleepovers being commonly associated with friends and parties, the grandfather wanted to connect with his granddaughter. He shared in a heartfelt text message that he had not been feeling well and missed her, and suggested they order takeout and watch a mystery show. Elizabeth gladly accepted the invitation and shared her grandfather’s messages on TikTok, where viewers were touched by his sincere and significant request.Elizabeth’s granddad had been feeling unwell for a few days when he texted her with an invitation for a sleepover.

The message read, “Hi Megan, it is grandpa. Would you like to come over and have a sleepover? I have not been feeling well and [I] miss you. We can order some food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa.” Despite being 92 years old and having lost his wife a couple of years ago, he shares a close relationship with his granddaughter. In fact, she shared on TikTok that he recently called her in tears, expressing his loneliness. Thankfully, he knows he can always count on her for company.

As her grandfather’s health declines, Elizabeth seizes any opportunity to spend time with him. “Yes, I will be over around 7 pm,” she replied, followed by a question. “Would you like me to get you anything from the store or anything for dinner?”. He requested applesauce with cinnamon, mashed potatoes, and even added ice cream to the list. He jokingly explained that he can only eat soft foods because he has no teeth. In his text messages, he sweetly referred to Elizabeth as his favorite granddaughter, which made her laugh since she is his only granddaughter.

She arrived at his house with his requested groceries and some takeout from KFC. Together, they watched his favorite black-and-white mystery show before going to bed. Elizabeth was touched to find a glass of water by her bedside, and her grandfather even made her bed with her favorite doll, which belonged to her grandmother. He also gave her a flashlight in case she got scared.

In an Instagram post, Elizabeth expressed her gratitude for her grandfather and the love he has shown her. She writes, “I feel so happy,” she writes. “I am thankful for my grandpa and he will never understand how much love he truly has shown me. And more importantly, the love he showed my grandma while she was alive. I believe in love and loyalty because of this man. He is my hero.”






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