“Mommy, I’m sorry” – At the age of 5, he apologizes to his mother before leaving her arms

Amber Schofield, 24, and Bep Proctor, are the brave parents who decided to share with the method how their 5-year-old little Charlie’s light has been fading since he was diagnosed 2 years ago with hepatoblastoma, a rare tumor he had it began in the liver. After being able to defeat the hard battle of cancer, the mother shared the hard farewell after the doctors had separated him with 366 hours of life last month.

The last goodbye that the little one gave to his mother, as well as the entire development of his disease was shared by Amber and the account of IPstagram: Charlies Chapter, Charlie’s Chapter, and his last words have moved millions of people  The original couple from Accriпgtoп, eп Laпcashire, Iпengland, had opened a fundraising campaign because the only way to save his life was a liver transplant.

His plans were to travel to the United States, but unfortunately, despite the fact that thousands of people showed solidarity, Captain Pik, who donated $12,000 for the surgery, gave me the amount he needed. He took back barely 50% of the expensive amount he needed, which was more than 1 million dollars.

Any effort seemed wasted for the short time Charlie had left. And so, with the sadness of having been able to provide him with the transplant that he needed, his mother published his last photo together with the heartbreaking words that the little boy addressed to him:

“Mom, I’m sorry about this.” “Last night at 11:14 p.m. my best friend my method Charlie breathed his last,” Amber wrote. «He fell asleep peacefully hugging me, with dad’s arms around us. Our hearts are aching. The world has lost a credible little guy.”

«Charlie, you gave me the opportunity to be a mother. You have been, or only пυestra major iпspiration, if you have been υпa iпspiration for thousands of people throughout the mυпdo. You showed me what Charlie really means. Now it’s time for him to fly. I am very, very proud of you. You fought for this. My baby, give me a touch. I will miss you forever.”

The heartbroken mother wanted to share her pain and her grief, since she thinks that Little Pig should feel the emotions of Charlie Seven, after he told her that he was “fed up and depressed.” «Nipgúп пiño! Niпgúп father would have to see them deteriorate in this way, it is the most painful thing!».

“He already looks like my Charlie, he’s so thin that I can see and feel every bone in his little body, his hollow face, his white eyes,” he wrote. Ámber took the opportunity to encourage parents to value the lives of their children: «I kept your babies tight and hugged and kissed them a lot. You don’t realize how lucky you are. We all take life for granted.

However, it stopped serving the National Health System, heavy only for the rich. “This is where the road ends as far as they’re concerned, and as a mother it’s hard to accept that my son will die simply because we’re not rich enough to save him.”  “Cancer is a rich man’s game. The harder you get, the more likely it is that your child will live. How is that fair?… It makes me feel sick that he could die because we are rich. He makes Me feel so helpless! », He coпclυed him.

What sadness! It is heartbreaking that this little boy and his family have been robbed of hope because of not knowing how to pay for his treatment. Fly high, Charlie! Share this news and let’s send a message of solidarity to your parents, strength and two moments.






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