Officers’ slick dance moves take challenge to next level

In another chain of Police Department challenges, things are starting to gear up a notch. gone are the days of simple dash-cam clips of cops lip syncing to one song.These guys are pulling out all the stops (Lol) producing videos that could very well pass as mini films.The production levels are good!These lip sync challenges have been growing in fanfare, and now we have a string of videos where cops have really stepped up not only their performances, but their production quality too.The Police Department of Coventry finished their lip sync video rather spectacularly.

With a police officer flying into the sky like Neo at the end of The Matrix, soaring through the air to do a “superhero landing” outside the Warwick Police Department to challenge them to do their own……”Seeing how Warwick police are so comfortable in front of the cameras being on Live PD and all. Good luck guys.”I mean these guys do put their own lives on the line for the community. Do that superhero landing again! So the game is on, and and the ball is in Warwick PD’s court.Their video begins with the main officer of the video brushing up with a little makeup. Another Officer walks in and exclaims“Whoah, what are you doing?”

The officer responds “Well I gotta look good in case I get on live PD”. This officer knows what’s up, and if RuPaul’s Drag Race has taught us anything about lip syncs, it’s to never go into battle without your warpaint.
Don’t worry Mr. Concerned Officer, this cop knows what he’s doing.They burst through the doorway as Bruno Mars kicks in.A little 24K magic anyone? These cops break into action, lip syncing for…their…LIVES! With an upbeat song like this, it’s hard to not have fun along with them.Pretty sure it was their own way of de-stressing from the job as well.As they make their way down the hallway, they are joined by the rest of the force.

The numbers increase, as does the fun. Even a fake human, presumably some sort of punching bag or target joins in.
Next time you consider calling 911, hope you won’t be disturbing these sorts of shenanigans.If it takes awhile for emergency services to arrive, they’re probably shooting a video. But let’s hope not.The officers hand it over to the Fire Department next. And it gets hot!The song shifts over to Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”, and the whole Fire Department shows up, guitars, axes and all.The whole crew enthusiastically sync along, giving Coventry a run for their moneyAnd these Officers and Fire Fighters have a sense of humor too!

Not afraid to have a laugh, these officers throw in a little humor too!Either that, or they’re trying to lip sync and demonstrate first-aid at the same time.Not only do we see the PD and the Fire Departments, but some other interesting characters too.We get to visit the jail cells and see some of the inmates too.Let’s just say some of them, while lip syncing to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s “Under Pressure” are little bit…eccentric.We even get to see an arrest “happen” to the tune of Akon’s “Locked Up”.

Well, who better to demonstrate an arrest than those who do them all the time, right?Not sure if those being arrested are usually mouthing the words to songs though…And the big finale brings in their nomination for the challenge.An officer declares that the Providence Police Department are the next to be nominated to step up to the plate.Good luck to them to beat these guys though!It’s going to be really hard beating a video that’s featured a plane and all their toys.But with the creativity these departments are showing, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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