She loses her dad after celebrating her birthday and fucks her jokingly on her grave

No one is prepared to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially when it occurs repeatedly. In the case of children, they experience pain depending on the level of compression of their age, despite the light that their ability brings to the darkest moments, they suffer from the pain of the physical distress of that person who will return more to House.

Harvey Lapgtop lost his dad just three days after celebrating his first birthday, Darrep Lapgtop passed away at his home due to unknown causes at the age of 33. The little boy’s mother, Jessica Pilliger, has made an effort to keep the memory of her father alive at home and every Sunday she visits the place where her body lies in the cemetery.

For Harrey it is a very special moment, every time he visits his dad’s grave he shows him his favorite toy cars. Jessica wanted to share her story along with pictures of her showing the little one lying on her dad’s headstone while chanting “bye-bye, daddy” repeatedly.

Jessica wants to show the special connection of her little one with her dad even though they only shared two years together. The mother who lives in BoυrPEmoυth, Dorset, commented: “As much as I want to say it’s half nice to see him play like that, but it’s actually heartbreaking because it makes me think about what a beautiful relationship I would have had.”

“But that’s why I take pictures, because when I’m older, I’ll be able to see that I was involved,” Jessica said.
Through his experience, he shows the reality that many children live that have lost their parents. She points out that her son knows that he is dad because he is there, but she does not fully understand that he is gone forever.

She has gotten used to seeing her photos, the memories and stories that her mother tells her, and those Sunday visits to the cemetery. She confesses that at the beginning he was able to avoid where he went, but now she is excited to show her dad her toys and share her stories.

In addition, the little one helps his mother to arrange the flowers and clean the tombstone. When her husband passed away, she decided to explain to him, to the extent of her ability to understand, what had happened, she had barely been a year old when everything happened.

The little one asks Jessica about her dad and repeatedly asks Jessica if she sees a red-haired man around her, it’s awkward if it’s her dad. “I have made a billboard in his room with photos, during the first year of our son we always went for walks, to the zoo, to parks. We went on vacation to Turkey,” Jessica said.

Instead of reading to his son every night, he shows him the old family photo and tells him the story of that moment.
Jessica wants to encourage other mothers who live in similar situations: “I wouldn’t be where I am if I were for my son, he’s so cool, he’s my rock. As much as you feel sad, you should know that you have a little life for which I kept strong and smile.

Jessica’s message can help other families by offering them alternatives to help the little ones in the house due to loss. Share it.






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